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#Apparentia No. 5, Série I - 2019 - Mario HENRIQUE

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Acrylic and oil on canvas, 100*120 cm, Mario Henrique

Acrylique et huile sur toile

" I try to be fast and spontaneous when I am painting - that process should be reflected in the final piece. The observer should be able to feel the physicality of the painting process, when looking at the brush strokes and paint drippings.

When I throw paint, I can do it with some premeditation - but I can never really predict where the paint will actually fall on the canvas. So my approach to painting is - in part - based on chance, on small random accidents, it doesn't rely exclusively on my persistence or my technique.

That's why I don't feel completely responsible for my paintings - in the sense - that, although I can answer for my initial intentions, the final result is always something that I could never anticipate, and something that's out of my absolute control." Mario Henrique.

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